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User agreement

By accepting this agreement and using setyourmax.com services, you agree to be bound by all of the terms, conditions and rules of this agreement. You and SetYourMax agree to the following provisions:


SetYourMax shall provide travel related services through its website www.Setyourmax.com, which include proprietary software, intellectual and other design products of SetYourMax in exchange for your payment and your compliance with this Agreement. This agreement is effective August 1st, 2009 and covers all users.


Whenever you use SetYourMax site, you agree that will NOT do the following:
-Break the law
-Violate any person’s and/or any entity’s rights and/or policies
-Break SetYourMax policies
-Use SetYourMax even though your account is suspended
-Use phony information or provide any information leading to a misrepresentation of yourself
-Engage in any marketing, spam (bulk or singular), or any other e-communications
-Act in a way that may undermine the credibility of SetYourMax
-Spread any electronic harm (viruses, spyware etc…) to the SetYourMax site or to the users of this site
-Gather any information (names, emails etc…) about the users of SetYourMax
-Break your promise of delivering the service that was purchased from you through SetYourMax
-Fail to pay for additional items that were NOT part of what you purchased through SetYourMax.com

Violation of any one of these items may result (but not limited to) in the following:

-A temporary or permanent cancellation of the service,
-Denial of access to the SetYourMax.com
-Technical and/or legal activity to ensure compliance

3.SetYourMax.com enabled transaction

-SetYourMax.com is a travel reservation service designed to facilitate a travel transaction between a traveler and a travel service provider
-SetYourMax does not engage in opaque selling whereby the consumer does not know what he is receiving until he/she actually pays for it. Rather, from the very outset, the consumer is presented with all the vital information such as the name of the provider (host), the product (the room) and related data, Host’s website, email, address, phone number, and so forth. Using this information, the traveler is strongly urged to search the property before he/she books a reservation
-As such, all reservations transacted through SetYourMax are contracts between the traveler and the travel service provider. Therefore, SetYourMax will in no way be held responsible or liable for the transaction.
-Both the traveler service user and the travel service supplier are responsible for ensuring a successful transaction
-Both the traveler and the supplier are encouraged to work directly to solve any dispute that might arise

4.The information you provide

When you submit or post information (of any kind) on our site, you grant us the non-exclusive, compensation-free, permanent, and international rights to publish that content for the sale of your travel related requests.

In addition, SetYourMax has designed rules so that both the traveler and the Host could have a platform where transactions occur safely, practically, amicably and beneficially. You are strongly urged to familiarize yourself with them. Setyourmax expects you to know these rules prior to doing business on our setyourmax.com. So here they are:

Host’s obligations

The following are rules that apply to the host and its management. As a manager in charge of marketing and selling property products on behalf of your employer, it is your responsibility to examine and understand these rules and policies. This will ensure any unintentional violations of these rules on your part:
The Host acting on behalf of his/her employer and using our site must avoid the following at all costs:
-Failure to perform: The Host’s failure to honor the SetYourMax transaction and its underlying contract is the ultimate sin in the eyes of a property guest. When you win a customer through our site, you must treat that customer the same way you treat a customer acquired through other means. First and last, the customers must receive the room you promised them.
-Overpromising and under-delivering: We think that, in the long run, if you promise the customer something and deliver something lesser than that, while the customer feels cheated, the customer will retaliate by never choosing your property again. The best approach is to deliver at least what you promised. It’s just good business doing things that way.
-Taxes: when submitting an offer, please be sure to add all your taxes. As the name indicates, the customer has already established the maximum he/she wishes to pay. However, this does not apply to other services that the customer may request while staying at your facility.
-Submit unqualified bids: Make an offer on a reservation only if you could meet the standards and specifications requested by the customer
-Mismanagement of customer information: The customer’s information that you receive through SetYourMax must be treated the same way you treat all your customers’ information. As a business entity, you could be held responsible and liable for any disclosure or mismanagement of customer information.
-Hiding things from the customers: from time to time, a customer may decide to call upon you to verify certain things. We encourage you to be open and present you institution the way it is. Again, if you get a customer through a misrepresentation of your establishment, you will only get that customer once.
-Disrupt and/or interfere with a reservation: Place an offer only if you intend to deliver the reservation requested. Do not submit an offer if you know you will not be able to deliver it and/or if you want to disrupt the reservation for whatever reason.
-Interacting outside SetYourMax: The Host must not attempt to conclude the reservation outside Setyourmax

Guest’s obligations

The following are the rules that apply to the guest making a reservation on SetYourMax. As a customer requesting a reservation, it is your responsibility to examine and understand these rules and policies. This will ensure any unintentional violations of these rules on your part:
The guest using our site must avoid the following at all costs:
-Renege on your commitment: When you make a reservation on SetYourMax, you are actually signing up a binding contract to fulfill your part which is to go through with the transaction until it ends when you receive the service you requested.
-Place unserious requests: Place a reservation only if your intention to go through with it is serious.
-Make an offer on your own reservation: Do not engage in manipulative bidding whereby you offer on your own reservation to artificially bring the price down.
-Issues about extras: Expect to pay for anything extra that you order at the property which is not part of the reservation price offered by the property. Work things out with the property
-Issues about upgrades: Again, once a host wins your reservation, work things out with its managers and see what is possible
-Issues about cancellation: this is subject to the host’s policies and rules.

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