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Privacy Policy

Policy Objective

This policy is to inform you on how SetYourMax handles your personal information. During the course of doing business with us, it is necessary that we receive certain information from you. This information will be treated by our company as follow:

Type of information

For a successful transaction, we ask for information such as names, email address, physical address, credit card number and so on.

Using your information:

We’re fully aware that the information you provide us is sensitive. We will use such information to get compensated for the service we provide to you in a safe and efficient manner. For convenience, your information is stored so that you’re able to execute future transactions without having to reenter the information again.

No misuse of your information:

We do not sell, rent, or provide in anyway your information to anyone, except to the parties (hosts) that will execute the service you’ve requested. We have a separate agreement with these service providers so that your information is used only for the purpose of this transaction.

When is your information disclosed?

First, under legal and court requirements, we will be compelled to disclose your information to the requesting authority agency. Second, your information will be disclosed to the winning company (the winning Hotel) so that it could carry out the service you purchased. Outside these two situations, your information will never be disclosed to anyone.

Your account:

Please protect your user name and password. We recommend that you never allow anyone to login with your account information. Regardless, you are ultimately responsible for any activity conducted using your user ID and password. In the case your user ID and/or password are compromised, please change them immediately.


Your information resides on our secured servers located in California, USA. Your personal information is vital to the continuity of our company. As such, we will treat it with the utmost care in order to prevent others from accessing.

Fraudulent activities

SetYourMax deals with Fraud in the most severe sense. When a user logs in, an IP address is recorded. In the case of fraudulent activity, such information can be used to track the offending party. SetYourMax will not hesitate to report and/or assist law enforcement agencies in the case of fraudulent activities.


This policy may be amended as needed in the future.

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